[osg-users] setUpViewerAsEmbeddedInWindow question

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 05:30:12 PDT 2007

Hi Serge,

View::setUpViewerAsEmbeddedInWindow() creates a
osgViewer::GraphicsWindowEmbedded and attaches it to Viewer's master
Camera.  This GraphicsWindowEmbedded just does a non op for all the
operations like makeCurrent(), swap buffer etc.  It quite literally
fakes it, osgViewer::Viewer treats it like an ordinary window, but of
course it isn't - so there are real limitations to what you can do,
but if you use it in a restricted way it'll work just fine.

GraphicsWindowEmbedded is the trick used to allow
osgViewer::Viewer/CompositeViewer work in a way that their weren't
originally designed for. I never really expected to be able to cover
this type of embedded usage model with classes like powerful viewer
classes Viewer and CompositeViewer, but the trick allows us to get
away with reuse a great deal of the viewer functionality, and avoid
the need for extra viewer classes just to support one type of usage

The restrictions associate with use GraphicsWindowEmbedded is that the
viewer must be run single threaded, and that there is only a single
GraphicsWindowEmbedded attached to the Viewer, and that the calling
application must create the graphics context itself, do make current
and swap buffers and cleanup and pass on actual window resizes.

The advantage that we gain is that you can use one viewer API to cover
the full range of viewer usage models - embedded, osgViewer inbuilt
GraphicsWindows, or API specific GraphicsWindow implementations, or
window inheritance.  The fact that its the same API means that your
app code will be easily portable between these different usage models.
 So one day you can stick your viewer in browser, the next you can do
it in cave, the next on normal desktop application, the next on
spherical display, the next on stereo monitor...


On 9/4/07, Serge Lages <serge.lages at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Robert and all,
> We are currently looking to embed an OSG viewer into several containers. And
> we have some questions concerning the method  setUpViewerAsEmbeddedInWindow.
>  First of all, what is its real purpose ? Can it be used as a proper way to
> embed the viewer, or is it more a "cheap" alternative to do it ? And is
> there any major problems that can rise by using it ?
> If I understand it well, it works as a fake embedding, making this illusion
> by putting an OSG window at the place where the container should be. Or have
> I missed something ?
> Many thanks in advance for your help !
> --
> Serge Lages
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