[osg-users] Get Coordinates from osg::Vec3f

Gordon Tomlinson gordon at gordon-tomlinson.com
Mon Sep 3 13:45:56 PDT 2007

I did not say your question was stupid, to me it reeks of the laziness
that's it all to sadly seen too much these days in the open source community

I even told you were to find the answer to your question, again the answer
is in the header files of osg::Vec classes
OpenSceneGraph\include\osg\vec3f and if you actually look in the header your
will see there are 2 methods to getting the vectors values
If your saying that your not willing to look in the header files or source
for an answer and expected some else to do that for you, then I'll gladly
get the f*** out of your way and so will most of the contributors on this

Have a nice day now 

Gordon Tomlinson 

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Renan Mendes wrote:
> Oh, wow! Good heavens, you really are incredibly pathetic! Having 
> knowledge doesn't give you the right of being either arrogant OR 
> sarcastic. And what about that crap of wasting everyone's bandwidth...

He's actually quite right about the bandwidth. Or maybe more about
unnecessary clutter...

> an answer, not an argument. In other words, get the f*** out of my way...
> ...
> P.S.: Talking about etiquette: if you haven't notice it, I haven't 
> emailed my last message to the whole mailing-list, so that you 
> wouldn't

In case you haven't noticed, but you *DID* post to the entire ML and the
style your message wasn't really appropriate for that audience (or a single
one at that).

But I won't speak for the entire OSG ML. Maybe Gordon's mail was a bit too
RTFM-ish but these sort of questions tend to provoke that sort of replies.

You can access Vec3f coordinate components by either
osg::Vec3 v;
v._v[0]; // 0==x, 1==y, 2==z; or
v.x(); // similar y(), z()


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