[osg-users] Get Coordinates from osg::Vec3f

Ulrich Hertlein u.hertlein at sandbox.de
Mon Sep 3 13:32:44 PDT 2007

Renan Mendes wrote:
> Oh, wow! Good heavens, you really are incredibly pathetic! Having 
> knowledge doesn't give you the right of being either arrogant OR 
> sarcastic. And what about that crap of wasting everyone's bandwidth...

He's actually quite right about the bandwidth. Or maybe more about 
unnecessary clutter...

> an answer, not an argument. In other words, get the f*** out of my way...
> ...
> P.S.: Talking about etiquette: if you haven't notice it, I haven't 
> emailed my last message to the whole mailing-list, so that you wouldn't

In case you haven't noticed, but you *DID* post to the entire ML and the 
style your message wasn't really appropriate for that audience (or a 
single one at that).

But I won't speak for the entire OSG ML. Maybe Gordon's mail was a bit 
too RTFM-ish but these sort of questions tend to provoke that sort of 

You can access Vec3f coordinate components by either
osg::Vec3 v;
v._v[0]; // 0==x, 1==y, 2==z; or
v.x(); // similar y(), z()


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