[osg-users] Get Coordinates from osg::Vec3f

Renan Mendes renanmzmendes at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 11:40:22 PDT 2007

Oh, wow! Good heavens, you really are incredibly pathetic! Having knowledge
doesn't give you the right of being either arrogant OR sarcastic. And what
about that crap of wasting everyone's bandwidth...

If you thought my question was stupid, why did you bother to answer it at
all? I'd rather receive answers from the polite ones that make use of this
mailing list... So, please, when I post a question, I'm looking for an
answer, not an argument. In other words, get the f*** out of my way...

P.S.: Talking about etiquette: if you haven't notice it, I haven't emailed
my last message to the whole mailing-list, so that you wouldn't get too
exposed. You're welcome.
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