[osg-users] OSG job posting - Boeing IDS

Andrew Sampson adsopenscenegraph at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 7 11:59:56 PDT 2007

Boeing IDS has a job opening for an OSG developer.
The position is permanent and full-time.  Details 
can be found at:


In case the URL gets mangled, here's the requisition 
code: 07-1020393

Could someone please post this to the OSG Job Offers 

Boeing has a (strange) policy of posting job offers 
for a very short period of time.  If the req. code 
above is not valid by the time you read this, the 
position may still be open; try searching the 
jobs.boeing.com site for "OSG" to see if they've 
re-posted it.

NB - I am not a HR person; I am an engineer.  Please 
do not post my email address on the job offer page.  
Please do not send me your resume.

Andrew Sampson

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