[osg-users] back from a break, rookie mistake I am sure.

Philip Hahn everphilski at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 20:57:38 PDT 2007

Good Evening-

My OSG is a little rusty as I haven't touched it in half a year now, but I'm
trying to put together a very simple visualization of a simulation. The code
simply loads a few models, an input file, and moves the models through the
commands in the input file. If I try the following single line of code:

osg::Node* node = osgDB::readNodeFile("cow.osg");

I get a

"Unhandled exception at ... in sim.exe: Microsoft C++ exception:
std::bad_alloc at memory location ..."

This occurs in inline osg::Node* readNodeFile(), line 107 of read file.

cow.osg is in my OSG_FILE_PATH. So besides having the OSG_FILE_PATH correct
is there anything else I am forgetting? The demos seem to work fine.
(Windows XP x64, MSVC v9)


Philip Hahn
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