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That's correct, osgDem is part of VPB.  The setup for building it is
very similar to OSG and just as easy.  Make sure that you have GDAL
installed, and define an environment variable GDAL_DIR (not sure if this
is necessary for Windows, though) to point to the root of your GDAL
installation prior to running cmake for VPB.  I last built it from a
fresh subversion checkout a few days ago and all went smoothly.  

Brandon Hamm
SimAuthor, Inc.

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So, should I follow the procedure outlined in osgDem's User guide or use
VirtualPlanetBuilder instead?

osgDem did not built as part of my OSG v2 project, so I assume it's only
available in VirtualPlanetBuilder now?

I'm sure this is all chrystall-clear to you guys, but for a newbie, it's
quite a mind bender ;)


You wrote:
Hi Nick, The paged database support in 2.x has been refactored so that
is now sits outside of the OpenSceneGraph in an new project called
VirtualPlanetBuilder: http://virtualplanetbuilder.osgforge.org/ This a
tool for generating paged databases from geospatial imagery and DEMs,
within this project you'll find the osgdem application that you can run
as command line tool to generate your databases. Do a search for osgdem
on the openscenegraph.org wiki to get docs on how to use osgdem. I'll
move this docs to the VPB website soon. The database that VPB generates
don't require osgTerrain to work, rather are built from core osg library
nodes, geometry and textures. The osgViewer library has inbuilt support
for database paging so all you need to do is load the topmost node of
paged database and it'll do the rest. osgTerrain is now focused on
runtime rendering of terrain data, and is still very much in its
infancy. The intention is that will be a framework for things like CLOD
terrain and shader based terrain techniques. 
VPB may also utilise osgTerrain in future rev's of both. Robert.

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