[osg-users] Suitable for Pointcloud/LIDAR data

mgb at mgbeckett.com mgb at mgbeckett.com
Thu Sep 27 07:50:32 PDT 2007

I need to develop an application to handle a 3D point-cloud of a few 100M points.
It will have to handle displaying points, meshes and surfaces quickly.
Currently my app uses raw opengl but I need a more efficent solution for large data sets.

Is openscenegraph suitable for this?
I am conceend that the file format isn't very compact - do I have to use this format or can I simply load my data and create a model 'on the fly'?
How does it manage data sets too large to fit in memory?
Will osg manage selecting points/regions efficently with such large data sets?

Any pointers to the suitability greatly apprreciated


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