[osg-users] delay - creating a new View under Win32

Markus Hein mahein at frisurf.no
Wed Sep 26 09:56:35 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I wonder why it takes so much time to create a new view on   under Win32 
? Under Win32, creating a new view (osgViewer::Viewer) takes a constant 
amount of time (independent from the number of viewer instances). It 
sounds if the harddisc has a lot to do while waiting for a new view 
 Under Linux instead, creating a new Viewer instance has not  such a 
delay.  I'm using _the same_ code on different machines (comparable  
machines, osg-svn code and current nvidia drivers).

Has someone seen the same delay under Win32 ? Is there a solution for 
creating a new Viewer  without delay (driver settings or osg settings) ?

thanks, Markus

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