[osg-users] RTT in a multichannel app

Dieter Pfeffer dieter.pfeffer at nl.thalesgroup.com
Wed Sep 26 06:14:05 PDT 2007


I am trying to set rtt in a multichannel application (see attached image)

On top - I have 3 adjacent channel with a view offset of 40 degrees (left
and right defined as slave); the single bottom channel should show the rtt
with the possibility to zoom in and out.

On the attached image I have realized it with one main channel - but I don't
know how to set my rtt cameras for all three cameras.

--- do I have to split my rtt camera viewports ? :
camera0->setViewport(0,0,tex_width/3.,tex_height );

camera1->setViewport(tex_width/3.,0,tex_width/3., tex_height );


In the 3 adjacent channel I use:
adj_view = new osgViewer::View;

adj_view->addSlave(camera.get(), osg::Matrixd(),
osg::Matrixd::rotate(osg::inDegrees( -40.), 0.0, 1.0, .0), true);

adj_view->setCamera (camera.get());

adj_view->addSlave(camera.get(), osg::Matrixd(),
osg::Matrixd::rotate(osg::inDegrees( 40.), 0.0, 1.0, .0), true);

---- how can I set my rtt camera view matrix so that I have the same view
offset ?

I am using osg 2.1.6 (when using osg 2.0 - the result looks quite different)



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