[osg-users] Fw: osgDotNet : Nodes adding to scenegraphoutsidemain()function scope

Christophe Medard christophe.medard at oktal.fr
Tue Sep 25 08:56:50 PDT 2007

Hi Mike

It's an OSGExp export of a 3DSMax scene. I can send you the .osg or .ive file if you want to.

The overall content is mere geometries (osg::Geodes and some osg::MatrixTransform), no particle effects, no LOD, no camera.
Many geometries have their DataVariance DYNAMIC though (which isn't necessary and optimal) : it must have kept OSGExp's default options when exporting...

The location of the camera definitely seems to be an issue, but only at initialization.

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Hi Christophe,


The dependency on camera position is an interesting and potentially important insight.  There may be some location-related conditional behavior within the native code that osgDotNet is not handling properly.


Can you tell me generally what is contained in the scene graphs of the models that you are loading?  That may have some bearing on the problem.



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