[osg-users] BUG?: mouse coordinate changes after window move

Anders Backman andersb at cs.umu.se
Wed Sep 19 23:55:28 PDT 2007

Im using a recent svn version (a few weeks old) of osg under windows (both
VISTA and XP).

I have noticed that if I:

1. Start osgviewer cow.osg
2. press 'f' to get into windowed mode
3. if I now move the whole window and release it, I can see that the
view/projection changes slightly.

Another illustration:

A small app that output the coordinates of a mouse click in the window

1. start that application and make it windowed 'f'
2. click on a specific point in the scene, ea.getX(), ea.getY() reports:
(132, 171)
3. move the window a little bit, click in the same point in the scene
ea.getX(), ea.getY() reports:  (139 ,121)
4. move the window again to any position on the screen, and now ea.getX(),
ea.getY() reports consistent results.

So to me it seems that the first move-window messes (or corrects) the

Now I tried this on a ubuntu machine, but on that one the windowed mode did
not work at all.
Pressing 'f' results in a brief flicker of the window, and I can for a
fraction of a second see a smaller cow, no window decoration in the lower
left corner of the display.

Anyone else noticed these two problems?


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