[osg-users] Textured buildings turn white

Robert Balfour bob at BAL4.com
Tue Sep 18 04:57:53 PDT 2007

I am rendering a lot of detailed textured buildings in a dense urban
scene.  Most of the time, it looks great.  There is a low LOD with just
colored building faces, and when you get closer to a building the
textured faces switch in.

But occasionally a condition arises where, when you zoom in close, one
building (or a group of buildings) turns white, which seems to imply
that the textured model switched in as expected, but the textures didn't
get applied?  This morning the application had been left running and
rendering overnight, and when we looked at it about a third of the
buildings (a hundred or so) were white - without textures!  When the
machine was rebooted (a new HP workstation, a few GB of memory, and a
new NVidia graphics card with either 768MB or 1GB of texture memory),
everything began to render fine again.

Has anyone experienced similar symptoms?  Could this be a memory leak,
or something building up in the texture memory manager in an OpenGL
driver, etc.??

Any insight anyone can offer would be appreciated...

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