[osg-users] release and flush GL Objects?

Rafa Gaitan rafa.gaitan at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 08:20:16 PDT 2007

Hi Robert,

We are using the osgViewer::Viewer to integrate our app with
Java using jogl to create a GL context and
GraphicsWindowEmbedded class. In the past using the
SimpleViewer we had the call releaseAllGLObjects(),
which internally calls to sceneView->releaseAllGLObjects()
and some more stuff.

Is there any similar call inside osgViewer::Viewer?, with jogl
there is an special Panel that use internally pbuffers to create
the context, but when we resize the component the context is
lost, so calling releaseGLObjects did the trick for us, but now
I don't find a good way to get the same things working.

I tried with viewer->getCamera()->releaseGLObjects(); but doesn't
work. Maybe adding a releaseAllGLObjects method in View, or
in Viewer is a good place. thoughts?


Rafael Gaitán Linares
Instituto de Automática e Informática Industrial  http://www.ai2.upv.es
Ciudad Politécnica de la Innovación
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
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