[osg-users] PSSM: Latest Version : Please Test and Debug

Adrian Egli 3dhelp at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 09:57:42 PDT 2007


i will post the first version of the PSSM for a sun as directional lights.

Please help in test, debug, and optimisation, than we can integrate it into
OSG core, i would like doing this as soon as possible.

call in a console...
PSSM --help

PSSM.exe  dumptruck.osg  --noUpdate --mapcount 3
PSSM.exe  dumptruck.osg  --noUpdate --mapcount 3 --NO-DEBUG

* we need a better GLSL shader ! My version isn't yet good enough (and

* i guess there is still a little bug, the near-far clipping plane for the
each camera (shadow)

* ...


thanks for help

/ adrian

Adrian Egli
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