[osg-users] probs running OSG on non-dev system?

Mike Weiblen mweiblen at zebraimaging.com
Fri Sep 14 09:24:18 PDT 2007

Pardon the sparse details, had a problem in wee hours this morn...

Built a 2.1.10-ish OSG on one system w/ winxppro/vs8, tried to run the
resulting osgviewer on a different system w/ winxphome but no VS8
installed.  I got entirely unhelpful errormsgs/dialogs along the lines
of "that application cant be run" or "trying reinstalling the app".  The
VS8 runtime libs were present on the non-VS8 system

Does this ring any bells?  Could the VS8 or Cmake ocnfigs be triggering
some OS or binary dependency?

-- mew

Mike Weiblen -- Zebra Imaging -- Austin Texas USA --

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