[osg-users] I still have 2 build issues (unices)

Mike Logan mlogan at mail.arc.nasa.gov
Thu Sep 13 16:04:28 PDT 2007

So, using lastest svn..

   I have 4 builds, all 'out-of-source'
           like:      OpenSceneGraph/linux32,   OpenSceneGraph/ 
linux64, etc..

1)  When I  want to update the config, I sit in one of those dirs
           and     'ccmake .."   (two dots)

       and when i did 'make'  it  started rebuilding the entire  
OSG.   Why?

2)   AFter a while, this working build now compile fails in  

/Volumes/viz/OpenSceneGraph/src/osgUtil/Tessellator.cpp: In member  
function 'void osgUtil::Tessellator::beginTessellation()':
/Volumes/viz/OpenSceneGraph/src/osgUtil/Tessellator.cpp:44: error:  
invalid conversion from 'GLvoid (*)(...)' to 'GLvoid (*)()'
        NO source code changed,  just  config & generate.

I've seen this error before in other posts, but it seemed resolved.
Something evil is happening,   no code changes and 2nd
  make results in a build fail..

I suspect there is still some leftover side effect of multiple platform
  builds happening, even out-of-source, but I don't understand it yet..


Michael Logan
Perot Systems Govt. Services / NASA Ames Res. Ctr.
Task Lead / Visual Cueing & Simulation
Visualization Engineer / Adaptive Control Technologies
MS 269-1, Moffett Field, CA, 94035  (650)-604-4494

"If you want to start a revolution, don't pick up a gun.
  Do it with science and technology."  - Stanford R. Ovshinsky

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