[osg-users] mirrorize a slave with a offset from the master camera

Johan Johnsson johanj at autosim.no
Tue Sep 11 00:59:34 PDT 2007

Hello !

I want to mirrorize a specific slave counted from the mastercameras view.  
At the moment i use a offset matrix
addSlave(camera.get(),osg::Matrixd(),offsetMatrix); that rotate it 180  
degrees in Z-axis, well thats good now i look "straight back". but i dont  
have the mirror view i want. , any suggestions to get this work properly ?

And Robert i still have some issues with the statistics rendering, so my  
wondering to you before i dig even deeper is the text "framerate" and the  
actual framerate value , are they on the same renderdepth? I check this  
out i must render something upon it, that hides the bars and the framerate  
value. But its so strange that the framerate text and all the other  
different colorized texts below  are beeing rendered in a correct way..  
But just dont the FR value or the represented bars below. :S

Anyways and anyhow tnx for the wonderful Improved build configuration  
under Visual Studio release.

// greetings Johan

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