[osg-users] Possible with BlendFunc?

Bradford, Chase CHASE.BRADFORD at saic.com
Thu Sep 6 11:28:02 PDT 2007

Hi Everyone,


I'm trying to control transparency of a subgraph from a high level, and
I though BlendFunc with BlendColor would be a good way to go.


Setting up the two with constant color = (1, 1, 1, opacity_scale) and
to adjust the opacity_scale value effecting all frags below.  The
problem is that it overrides the source color's alpha.


The above equates to

sfactor = aC

dfactor = 1-aC

D = ( S * aC + D *(1-aC) )



The equation I really want would give

sfactor = aS*aC

dfactor = 1 - aS*aC


Does anyone know if a setup like that is even possible?




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