[osg-users] osgViewer + Fox Toolkit example

Tomas Hnilica tomas.hnilica at webstep.net
Thu Sep 6 08:13:48 PDT 2007

Hello Marcus,

could you please describe your test of multiple viewer windows?
When I add another FOX_OSG_MDIView to the MDICllient, both scenes are 
drawn to the newly created window and the first one is not actualised, 
mouse actions are token from both windows correctly. (I think this would 
be the same also for one scene)
I am wondering why this happens, each FOX_OSG_MDIView has it's own 
osgViewer::Viewer and others (FXGLVisual, manipulator). Could it be 
because of some mixing of ID_CHORE messages?

Do you share one FXGLVisual, with all MDIChild?

Many thanks,

Markus Hein wrote:
> Also tested rendering multiple viewer windows of the same scene. It 
> works with some small hacks.
> regards, Markus

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