[osg-users] ANN: osgGIS

Glenn Waldron gwaldron at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 08:08:39 PDT 2007

The osgGIS project (http://osggis.org) is now online! This is a library that
aims to facilitate the integration of GIS vector data into OSG apps, and to
be a nice complement to VPB/osgdem.

The project is just in its early stages so don't expect the world just yet

There is no public SVN access yet (there will be) but you can download
snapshots of the VS2005 solution and Win32 binaries and experiment with the
command-line utilities and samples. There's no CMake build system in place
yet either so that means a little extra elbow grease for you non-Windows

There is a Wiki (http://osggis.org/wiki) that will grow with documentation,
FAQs, and examples.

For support and general discussion, there is a discussion board (

I hope you find this useful. We are initially developing osgGIS in support
our software services business, but I hope it can thrive as an open source
project on its own as well.

Glenn Waldron : Pelican Mapping : http://pelicanmapping.com : 703-652-4791
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