[osg-users] Line disappearing

bhendrick at knology.net bhendrick at knology.net
Wed Sep 5 09:20:44 PDT 2007

 I have set up a earth globe view where I have a trajectory line that "trails" out of the end of a 3d aircraft model.
I have two slightly modified versions of a nodeTracker and Terrain manipulator that I am using. (Both have
slightly modified up vector calculations). My problem is that depending on my viewing angle the trajectory
line  will disappear. I have set the culling mode on the viewer's camera to NO_CULLING and have tried to 
set all nodes to setCullingActive(false). The line itself is a primitive class that I append points to as they
arrive (I get my data elsewhere).The model is placed at the same location as the last point appended 
to the line.  The behavior seems as follows. If I view the model (which is the node
currently attached to my nodeTracker) from ANYWHERE  behind the model which is the side the trajectory
line emminates from (back to the original point), the line disappears. The model never disappears but the entire
line disappears. It is not clipping the line off at a near clip plane because the entire line disappears, and I am far enough
away (and off to the side) that at least some if not all the line should be in view.

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