[osg-users] FW: overlay border

Zach Deedler mynamezach at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 20:42:12 PDT 2007



I submitted this to osg-submissions, and thought osg-users may find this



Need to add border around overlay window such as a rear view window.



Created border decorator.



OSG version 1.2.

This was a simple modification to osgmultiplecameras example, but could
easily be modified for osg 2.0.  (I am just not there yet).

The example attaches another camera node that pre renders under the
overlayed window.


I believe this is something that people are looking for.



This example does not show how you could create non-rectangular overlays
such as circular mirrors.  To do this you would need to create a
render-to-texture camera that renders to a circular drawable, and then
blends.  An example of how to do this would combine osgprerender and osghud.



I'd appreciate if anybody could integrate this with osg1.2, and especially
if someone could modify it to be useful with the current osg version.


If someone can't get to it, I'm sure I will once I upgrade to 2.0.



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