[osg-users] Dev release 2.1.9 feedback: Two minor problems

Murray Curtis murrayml at dragtag.com.au
Mon Sep 3 23:16:23 PDT 2007

Minor thing one:
Everything compiles fine but theres a warning when I compile my app:

osgUtil/StateGraph: In constructor 'osgUtil::StateGraph::StateGraph()':
osgUtil/StateGraph:99: warning: 'osgUtil::StateGraph::_stateset' will be 
initialized after
osgUtil/StateGraph:51: warning:   'int osgUtil::StateGraph::_depth'
osgUtil/StateGraph:62: warning:   when initialized here

This is on Linux 2.6.15-28 with GCC 4.0.3.

Minor thing two:
On one particular series of systems, linux 2.6.11 with gcc 3.3.4, nvidia 
opengl I get:

Xlib: unexpected async reply (sequence 0x2a)!

Google tells me this is apparently due to making X calls from more than 
one thread.

I tracked this down to osgViewer auto selecting DrawThreadPerContext for 
its threading model. Making it SingleThreaded fixed it. Funny thing was 
if I stepped through the init process in the debugger the error didn't 
occur - a real Heisenbug!



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