[osg-users] osgEphemeris

Don Burns don at andesengineering.com
Mon Sep 3 08:49:36 PDT 2007

Brad Colbert wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> I guess this goes out to Don Burns.  How do I get the most recent
> version of osgEphemeris.  CVS is reporting that it can't connect to the
> address on your site.  I also have a few things to contribute.
> Thanks,
> -B
> ---
> Brad Colbert
> Renaissance Sciences Corporation
> W: 480 290-3997
> F: 425 675-8044

Hi Brad,

I don't  much follow this list anymore, which explains the delay in
reponse.  The page for osgEphemeris is here:


If anyone would like to update the osg wiki to reflect this please be my

There is also a mailing list for osgEphemeris here:


I've noted that the documentation does not reflect the correct check-out
procedure so I've fixed that.  You can check osgEphemeris out by

cvs -d :pserver:cvsguest at andesengineering.com:/cvs/osg co osgEphemeris

Hope this helps.

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