[osg-users] MFC example flickering

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 02:41:29 PDT 2007

Thanks Amalric, changes now merged and submitted to SVN.

One thing to note is that you sent MFC_OSG_MDIDoc.h instead of
MFC_OSG_MDIView.h, so I had to guess at the required changes the
later, it looked quite straight forward but since I don't have a
windows build system I can't test it.

Could you(and other Windows users) do a svn update and test what I
have just checked in to make sure the it works fine.


On 8/31/07, amalric alexandre <alex.pixxim at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi osg-users,
> I've noticed that all osgViewerMFC example from osg 2.x.x are flickering
> when resizing 3D view, to avoid this only add OnEraseBkgnd callback in
> CMFC_OSG_MDIView class and do nothing in it. Just like the WxWidget example.
> Attached the modified version of MFC_OSG_MDIView.cpp and MFC_OSG_MDIView.h.
> Hope it will help.
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