[osg-users] ...movie plugin unloads when every movie in the scene is released...

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 02:22:11 PDT 2007

Hi Guys,

Just following up on whether Stephan's changes to the Quicktime plugin
worked OK and should be merged.   Are they changes good to merge?


On 7/28/07, Stephan Huber <ratzfatz at digitalmind.de> wrote:
> alessandro terenzi schrieb:
> > Hi,
> > I don't know if what I experienced is the desired behaviour or a
> > little mistake, anyway here is what happens:
> >
> > I'm trying to manage many movies in my application, so, in order not
> > to waste resourses, I release ImageStreams when the corrensponding
> > movie is not visible...(in this way the corresponding thread is
> > killed... if I'm not wrong).
> >
> > Later, as soon as I realize that the movie should be visible again, I
> > re-load the movie and re-create the ImageStream ...everything works
> > fine if at least one movie remains visible but, when I release ALL the
> > ImageStreams and movies, if I try to re-load one movie again, I got an
> > error that says that the corrensponding plugin is not initialized ...
> >
> > Why is there such a behaviour? Should I reload the plugin manually? Is
> > this the expected behaviour or maybe is there something wrong?
> You spotted a bug in the quicktime-plugin.
> The quicktime-plugin tracks all instances of quicktime movies. If all
> quicktime movies got deallocated, a call is made to deinitialize the
> quicktime media layer. This is done to prevent a crash on exit. You
> can't deinitialize the quicktime media layer when unloading a dll on
> windows, so we deinitialize the qtml- when no movie is allocated.
> So what's going wrong on your side: the quicktime-layer does not get
> reinitialized when you open a new movie, there's a bug in the
> corresponding code. Please replace the QTUtils.cpp file in
> src/osgPlugins/quicktime and do a recompile. If the new code fixes your
> problem then I'll send it to osg-submissions so it gets added to svn. I
> have no windows machine here, so I can't test the code.
> the quicktime pugin needs a complete rewrite. But I'm too busy with
> other tasks, so this has to wait.
> cheers,
> Stephan
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