[osg-users] osgDem UI

Nick Prudent valerianmusic at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 2 02:39:35 PDT 2007

For those interested. I finally finished my little osgDem UI and it turned out pretty good. My  clients are happy because they don’t have to deal with the command line. Actually, I find it easier to use too since it automatically validates long and complicated argument strings.

You can see a screen shot here: http://www.sonographx.com/downloads/new_screen_generate_dem.jpg

Here are the steps I took:
1) Build a command line string from the dialog controls and sends them to an osgDem process. 
2) Redirects the console’s output into a read-only edit control so that osgDem progress can be displayed like Visual Studio’s build output.
3) Wait for the osgDem process to end and automatically load the result back into the main app’s viewer for a seamless experience.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to reuse most of it when osgDem is replaced in the next few months ;)

If anyone is interested in doing the same thing, send me an email at nick_at_sonographx.com (replace _at_ with @) and I’ll give you more details. Thank you Robert for such a wonderful database generation tool.


- Nick -

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