[osg-users] OpenThreads doc?

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 03:04:38 PDT 2007

Hi Ben,

On 8/31/07, Ben Discoe <ben at vterrain.org> wrote:
> I got OSG 2.0 building and moved my community up to it, thanks for the help on that.
> Next question: does OpenThreads have any documentation, at all?  I have looked all over the web and the wiki, and not found a bit, not even minimal doxygen docs.

There is only the doxygen docs I'm afraid.

> I am hoping to port some code from pthreads to OpenThreads, and definitely need to know how OpenThreads works in order to do that.

The OSG uses OpenThreads pretty extensively so this might be able to
help guide you a bit.  In general I'd say OpenThreads is pretty
straight forward to use, and maps underlying pthreads pretty closely.


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