[osg-users] Binding the Trackball Manipulator To Cameras

Kim C Bale K.Bale at hull.ac.uk
Wed Oct 31 14:50:06 PDT 2007

Hi all,
I'm trying to output a stereo format for the Phillips 3Dwow display. Basically what I need to do is split the screen in half horizontally, rendering the scene on the left and the depth buffer on the right. 
That isn't a problem, but the phillips stereo format dictates that I must add a header to the images sent to the screen. Therefore I must first render the scene to a texture add the header and then display a texture mapped polygon as the screen output. I've done this using code from the osgprerender example in the 2.2 distribution. 
The problem that I'm having is that I would like to use the osgGA::TrackballManipulator to interact with the scene, however if I add this to the viewer, I can only interact with the main camera which in this case is the one viewing the texture mapped polygon. I would like to link it to the prerender camera which is looking at the scene rather than the texture. 
Is it possible to bind the matrixmanipulators to differant cameras? If so I'd be very grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.
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