[osg-users] ode nodekit or the like

Hartmut Seichter lists at technotecture.com
Tue Oct 30 13:36:50 PDT 2007

Hi Mattias,

there are apparently several projects, however very few take care of the 
newest developments in ODE. We have some code sitting around in our lab 
called (you guessed it) osgODE. It is particular focused on working 
together with osgART but also works with plain OSG. I have to pull some 
strings here in the lab to check if we can release it into the wild.

However, a word of caution: after implementing the ODE part we were 
quite disappointed by the performance of it in terms of dynamic 
transformations as they happen in Augmented Reality applications. We did 
some proof-of-concept prototypes with other engines which both performed 
way better.


Dr. Hartmut Seichter
PhD (HKU), Dipl.-Ing. (BUW)
Post-Doctoral Fellow, HIT Lab NZ
+64 3 364 2987 Ext. 3143

Mattias Helsing wrote:
> I have i vague memory of people working on integrating ode with osg. I'm 
> currently developing sw in that area and could possibly contribute is 
> some way, but wouldn't wanna step on toes or do work that is already 
> done for that matter. LeandroMottaBarros' demo is nice and there are 
> other examples of ode+osg projects. I was thinking that while doing 
> integration of ode in osg nodes i might aswell make the extra effort and 
> create a nodekit or plugin. Am I making any sense at all (OSG wise)?
> Does anyone have thoughts on how this should be done?
> Is there sw around that I can build on?
> Mattias
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