[osg-users] ESRIShape error

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 09:45:43 PDT 2007

On 10/30/07, Karl Beal <KBeal at hntb.com> wrote:
> I'm trying to load a simple .shp file using osgviewer and I'm getting a
> crash esrishape.cpp
> In the PolygonZ::PolygonZ(const PolygonZ &p) constuctor p.mArray is NULL
> which causes the crash.
> Is this a bug?

Yes a crash is very very likely to be a bug...

Could you provide details about which version of the OSG your are
using, what platform, and ideally a shape file that reproduces this
problem so others can try to recreate it.


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