[osg-users] OSG Performance Issues

Shawn Cook sfncook at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 27 08:01:03 PDT 2007

Paul: THANK YOU!!!  This is *exactly* the email I needed.  
Obviously, I'm new to OSG so I really didn't know what tools were available for this type of inspection. 
I know for a fact that this loop in particular is using all the time because 1. This is the OSG main loop
and is the only thing running (it's single threaded) and 2. If I comment it out my frame rate goes down to 
jack-diddly. The value of test_load_resolution is only 55.  I have not tried replacing the data - I will 
try it when I get back to my computer on Monday.  I am not using buffer objects.  I am displaying on only
one screen - one pipe.  This is about as simple an OSG app as you can get - I'm just utilizing OSG in
in inefficient manner.  There is one root node with one geode with one geometry object with all 12,000 vertices.
I see that it is difficult to debug remotely, but this is the entirity of my code (minus the setup which
I just described).  Unfortunately, I'm away from my work computer - I can post the entire code file
on Monday.

Robert:  Sorry for the verbiage: I knew it was something I was doing and not OSG's inability to process 
a few thousand quads efficiently.  I should have titled the subject of this post something like
'Newbie Performance Inadequacies'.

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