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André Rocha kekojeep at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 08:09:51 PDT 2007

We have a waving flag in a pole on our virtual university campus.. I modeled
it in max, using the cloth system, and exported with a sequence helper, it´s
working fine in our simulation. We are working on animating crowds now,
using osgCal. If you need any specific help, I´ll be glad to be useful.

[ ]´s

2007/10/24, Vladimir Shabanov <vshabanoff at gmail.com>:
> 2007/10/24, sherman wilcox <wilcox.sherman at gmail.com>:
> > Hey guys, I've got a few questions related to getting 3DS models to
> > display properly in OSG. I'm not a modeller myself, I write software,
> > but I'm working with a modeller trying to get some of their work into
> > my app.
> >
> > The objective I'm trying to reach is to import an animated, textured
> > model from 3dsmax to OSG with either a Morph Modifier or a Skin Wrap
> > Modifier.  A good example would be a flag waving in the wind.
> > Ideally, I would like to have good control of textures as well -
> > including transparency, specularity, and texture maps...along with the
> > ability to animate these features. I've used osgExport with some of
> > the models with limited success. Seems that the skin or morph modifier
> > isn't exported.
> >
> > Is what I'm trying to accomplish feasible or reasonable within the
> > confines of OSG?
> I'm not aware of morphing support in OSG. For skinning only there is
> an osgCal nodekit which allows you to use cal3d models in OSG. Not
> sure about Skin Wrap, but Skin & Phisique modifiers are ok. There are
> 3dsmax exporters in cal3d distribution.
> The animation of transparency, specularity or texture maps is not
> supported in exporter nor osgCal. Probably you can make it by direct
> manipulation of state sets.
> Also I'm working on more advanced exporter (based on cal3d one) which
> contains some bug fixes, exports bumps, normal maps, opacity, and some
> other material properties plus it automatically exports all textures
> and compress them into .dds format. The my version currently not in
> production state, but I can upload it somewhere if you want.
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