[osg-users] Getting an OSG/VPB build running on Fedora Core 7

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 12:40:07 PDT 2007

HI Jeremy,

On 10/25/07, Jeremy L. Moles <jeremy at emperorlinux.com> wrote:
> Sales speak? Nothing of the sort. In a general sense, Ubuntu will do
> whatever is necessary for the user to "perceive" that something is
> working as intended

OK. Its just a perception that I've been able to install Kubuntu,
install graphics drivers, all the necessary development tools, check
out and build the OSG and VPB with no hacks nor work arounds, or at
least no "perceived" hacks nor work arounds.

> In my very humble opinion, there's no way DEB packages (or their wrapper
> in the form of "apt") are better than the RPM/Yum equivalents. :)

I was a long time Suse users so am familiar with RPM's.  Its only a
couple of month back that on building a new machine I opted for
Kubuntu after evaluating it against PCLinuxOS and Linux Mint.  The
healthy debain based repositories is one of the main reasons why I
moved over to Kubuntu, for an end user to just works great.

> In terms of speed, Fedora 7 has
> made a number of improvement to Yum, and if everything is working
> correctly there's really no major difference between it and apt as far
> as execution time from start to finish is concerned.

Sorry but my experience is that Yum, and especially the graphics
package tool are slower.  There are lots of reasons for this

> Fedora tends to always be the first big distro to introduce the latest
> versions of developer tools, and doesn't divorce their development
> headers into 1700 different packages when 99% of users end up getting
> them all anyways. Ubuntu has a habit of exposing multiple versions of
> the same piece of software, and it can sometimes be difficult to know
> what you have, what you need, how to get it, and how go get rid of what
> you don't.

Version is done well, and hasn't been an issue at all for me so far.

> > > I don't have any experience with KDE (I use Gnome, and so do our other
> > > technicians), but we sell a good number of 64bit Fedora 6's and 7's to
> > > customers every month who use KDE. Trust me, we know IMMEDIATELY if
> > > something goes wrong. :) *grin*
> > >
> > > When you run:
> > >
> > >         # yum install gcc gcc-g++
> > >
> > > ...from a konsole, what kind of errors are you getting?
> >
> > Error: No Package Matching glibc.i686.
> Wow, that's weird. Perhaps a:
>         # yum clean all
>         # yum makecache
> ...might readjust something somewhere, if you haven't already
> uninstalled Fedora and moved back to Ubu. :) You may also find some
> glaring obvious option in /etc/yum.conf, but it's unlikely.

Just done the above, now waiting to see if things will install...

> (BTW: I just booted into KDE in a Fedora 7/64bit machine here and it's
> pretty horrendously ugly. Kubuntu seems to be a bit stronger as far as
> KDE is visually concerned, but I can't really imagine why you're having
> the other, low-level troubles...)

We can agree on how badly Fedora does KDE, its almost like RedHat are
using it to provide how poor KDE is as an alternative to Gnome.
Fedora does not do KDE justice at all.

Perhaps its time to do a dual boot on this machine with Fedora with
Gnome for testing purposes, and Kubuntu on another partition.



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