[osg-users] rendering edges of an object only

Paul Martz pmartz at skew-matrix.com
Tue Oct 23 07:52:25 PDT 2007

Wasn't this discussed very recently? You might try searching the archives.

One possible solution would be to render the object twice. Once in fill mode
but render in the background color. Only need to render front faces in this
pass. The other rendering must be in wireframe mode, backfaces only, and
with Polygon Offset enabled to push the line rendering forward slightly in
the depth buffer. The result would be just the outline. This method does
suffer from some rasterization artifacts.

Of course you can always use cube mapping as well, OpenGL has good support
for this, DOT3 etc.

> Subject: [osg-users] rendering edges of an object only
> Hi!
> Does anyone have an experience with rendering a silhuette of 
> an object only (hidden line removed)?
> I would kindly ask for a detailed instructions for which 
> classes to use.
> thanks in advance, andrej
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