[osg-users] keyboard stuck when closing OSG windows (ubuntu gutsy)

Mike Wozniewski mikewoz at sat.qc.ca
Mon Oct 22 16:26:07 PDT 2007

I just upgraded to Ubuntu Gutsy, and any I have a strange problem.

When I close an OSG window, it seems like the ENTER button is being 
continuously pressed, and I can't do anything except restart my X server.

This ONLY OCCURS for applications which manage their own 
GraphicsContexts. For instance, the example program "osgcamera" behaves 
correctly when it is using the default osgViewer configuration. However, 
the bug occurs if you specify arguments to create additional cameras 
(ie, "osgcamera -1 cow.osg" or "osgcamera -2 cow.osg").

ie, the bug is created by something in singleWindowMultipleCameras() or 

Has anyone had similar experiences? Can anyone verify?

Note: I thought this was a compiz-related bug, but it occurs with compiz 
enabled or not.


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