[osg-users] Retrieving occlusion query results prior to swap(was: RE: Need a post-swap traversal)

Paul Martz pmartz at skew-matrix.com
Mon Oct 22 15:47:11 PDT 2007

Thanks for the note, Robert --

> The high level approach does suffer from a round trip to the 
> graphics card - you still have to wait till all the queries 
> are returned before you can dispatch the last bit of data 
> into the OpenGL fifo.  Claiming this eliminates the latency 
> is rather stretching things, it hides it a bit, bit only a 
> bit, you are still stalling the CPU till the GPU is done so 
> parallelism between the CPU and the GPU is heavily compromised.

The total time for the hardware to generate the results is the same in
either case, you're right. The "latency" I was referring to is a visual
latency, not a time latency per se: seeing (or not seeing) the actual
geometry in frame N is based on query results from frame N-1.

My current implementation suffers from this latency. I'm not pleased with
the results, and recent discussions (such as the thread concerning only
rendering when needed rather than with a continuous rendering loop) indicate
that there are OSG use cases under which such an implementation would be a
poor choice.

> Personally I'd rather taking the hit and doing everything in 
> one frame rather than having a frame overlap and then having 
> to come up with clever frame coherency tricks to ensure that 
> you don't get false negatives in the next frame.  There are 
> certain models types that are already breaking frame by a 
> long way - i.e. hitting 10fps, so for these a round trip to 
> the GPU is relatively low compared to the potential gain of 
> culling geometry and state from the draw dispatch, for these 
> occlusion culling in frame will be a godsend.

Yep, I'm leaning this way as well. So, then, the question becomes: How to
implement this in OSG?

> As for mods the rendering backend, I'd suggest some sort 
> RenderLeaf extension that allows leaves to be switched off, 
> and during draw traversal the switched off leaves are 
> ignored.  The toggling code be done be the pre RenderStage 
> you set up to do the occlusion query.

Hm. I really want all the occlusion queries to be done after all other
"normal" rendering has finished (to maximize the chance for occlusion to
occur). So it seems I really want a POST RenderStage that issues the
queries, then iterates looking for available results; as each result becomes
available, it checks for visibility and renders or skips the actual
Drawables accordingly.

Also, I don't want to limit this to Drawable-level queries. It is very
useful to be able to perform a single occlusion query to test for the
visibility of an entire subtree. Thoughts on that?

I'll look into this, but look forward to any additional thoughts or
directions  from you.

Paul Martz
Skew Matrix Software LLC
303 859 9466

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