[osg-users] Problem with new OpenScenGraph version 2.2.0

Nguyen Ha Son Nguyen at Ha-Son.de
Mon Oct 22 14:32:09 PDT 2007

I have found out the env. OSG_SCREEN_DISTANCE is not set. The 
osg::DisplaySettings uses the value 0.5 for default distance which is 
used to calculate first parameter of 
camera.setProjectionMatrixAsPerspective(). This leads to an angle nearly 
180 degrees for this parameter. After setting env. OSG_SCREEN_DISTANCE 
all examples work fine now. I'm wondering it seams to be nobody has this 
problem like me.
Thank for your tip Paul but I didn't see anything strange after setting 


Paul Martz wrote:
> Set OSG_NOTIFY_LEVEL=DEBUG and check the output for clues.
>    -Paul
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>     Hi all,
>     I just downloaded the new Version 2.2.0 of OpenScenGraph. All
>     libraries and examples (after fixing a syntax error in file
>     examples/osgtext/osgtext.cpp) let successfully build on my x86
>     GNU/Linux machine. But almost examples only show a blank screen now.
>     Env. OSG_FILE_PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH are correctly set.
>     For example calling "osgviewer cow.osg"  or "osggeometry", both
>     examples show a blank screen with clear color.
>     Unlike that it seams to be alrights with "osgviewerQT cow.osg".
>     I didn't have this problem with previous OpenScenGraph version 2.0.
>     Many thanks for any ideas, what's the reason ?
>     Son
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