[osg-users] Performance Problems

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 04:02:31 PDT 2007

HI Shawn,

The OSG can handles scenes with thousands of objects, and millions of
polygons on modern machines at a solid 60Hz, the numbers of objects
you are talking about suggest there is something wrong with how you
are setting up your app.  Could it be that you are doing a single quad
per geometry? This isn't an efficient way to do rendering.  Could it
be that you are compiling with a debug build and then doing


On 10/19/07, Shawn Cook <sfncook at hotmail.com> wrote:
>  Hi, Trying to do something simple and getting a poor framerate.  I'm sure
> it's just something I don't know about OSG and need to learn, perhaps you
> folks can help.  Basically, imagine a camera positioned above a grid with
> anywhere from 100 to 5000 quads of similar size shuffling around on the 2D
> plane with the grid.  The position of each of these quads is controlled in
> real time by a seperate Java app via multicast.
>  My coworker is working on an identical project in parallel to mine on an
> identical laptop but is using Cocoa(Mac OS X 10.5) and straight OpenGL.  He
> is getting a framerate of 100+ frames per second with 500 quads while I
> cannot get more than 30fps with 500.  That framerate is acceptable, but
> eventually I would like to do more than just draw quads.  Instead, each quad
> will be a little "tail" of quads following a "head" around - like tracers or
> a little snake.  Again, my coworker has done this already and is acheiving a
> similarly phenominal framerate - If I add just a couple quads my framerate
> drops.  What's the deal?  At first I was using a single geode, geometry
> object and vec3array for each quad and was getting an unusable framerate.
> When I restructured with a single geode, geometry for the application and
> one large vec3array for all the quads my framerate got up to where it is now
> (acceptable, but slow when I add the tracers).
>  How can I acheive 100+ fps like my friend?
>  System info:
>  MacBook Pro 1,1
>  Windows XP (using Bootcamp)
>  1MB RAM
>  2GHz Dual Core
>  OpenSceneGraph 2.0.0
>  VRJuggler 2.0.3-1
>  Also, this is a VRJuggler/OpenSceneGraph application - perhaps if you guys
> can't help I'll hit up the VRJuggler mailing lists for some help.
>  Thanks folks,
>  S
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