[osg-users] Outputting Movies in OpenSceneGraph

Garrett Potts potts at cfl.rr.com
Fri Oct 19 05:32:43 PDT 2007

Hello All:

I have been perusing the source and examples and I was wondering if  
there was a way to output movies in an OSG Scene.  I know there are  
pbuffers and you can probably latch on to pbuffer generation after  
each framing and then couple to a movie generation library but I see  
that the osgDB has a nice plugin architecture for reading and writing  
and was wondering with the Movie based plugins if there was a way to  
feed a plugin (if one exists for movie writing) to output frames at   
given rate.  So basically init the plugin with some setup parameters  
and then start writing.  Has anyone ever researched this through a  
raw OSG implementation and not coupled to like a GUI or anything like  

Thank you all in advance for any help and time.

Take care


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