[osg-users] Just getting started

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 23:41:59 PDT 2007

Hi Michael,

As Paul suggests, download and read the QuickStartGuide.  There are
also tutorials on the OSG websites.

I'd also recommending use OSG-2.2 as the book is based on 2.x, and the
build CMake system should be able to handle KDevelop.

Exceptions should be on unless you turn them off with modern C++
compilers.  There is no reason disable exceptions when using the OSG.
If an exception is thrown then its down to a bug that needs fixing.


On 10/19/07, Michael W. Hall <mwhall at hiwaay.net> wrote:
> I am new to OSG and I have just started playing with OSG.  I have
> checked out the website and have not had much luck figuring things out.
> Is there a good reference on-line someone can point me to?
> Also, I created a KDevelop project and was using the osgBluemarble
> example as a go by.  I added the following lines to my project:
> Producer::ref_ptr<Producer::RenderSurface> rs;
> rs = new Producer::RenderSurface;
> When I tried to compile the file, the compiler reported an error on line
> 58 of /usr/local/include/Producer/Referenced.  Line 58 is as follows:
>    else if( _refCount<0) throw 1;
> The error was exception handling was disabled use -fexceptions to turn
> on.
> Do I need to recompile OSG with this flag?  Any help is appreciated.
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