[osg-users] shadows and LOD scale

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 23:16:08 PDT 2007

Hi Terry,

I have played with LODScale at the present osgShadow techniques, but
the concept of EyePoint and ViewPoint methods in NodeVistor are
intended to help with this issue - it was written in response to your
original request for such a feature when you did your original PSSM
code.  I can't recall the details off the top of my head, so could you
check you old PSSM code and compare to the osgShadow techniques?


On 10/18/07, Terry Welsh <mogumbo at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> Remember the View class and the code you wrote so that Cameras for
> shadows could inherit the same LOD information as the user's eyepoint?
>  I believe this is a related issue.  LODScale set for the main
> eyepoint does not appear to be used by the shadow cameras, causing
> shadows to not match the objects that cast them if the objects have
> multiple levels of detail.
> So far I have looked over the code for View, Camera, and CullSettings
> with no luck.  _inheritanceMask in CullSettings defaults to
> ALL_VARIABLES, so I would expect LODScale to be inherited properly.
> Not sure where else to look for this problem.  Any ideas?
> This problem is easy to demonstrate by adding this line to osgshadow.cpp
> viewer.getCamera()->setLODScale(10.0f);
> and then running with a model that has some LOD nodes in it.
> - Terry
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