[osg-users] LOD levels in Terrain generation.

om omkaranathan at darshan3d.com
Thu Oct 18 06:20:50 PDT 2007

Hi Christoph,

Thanks for your reply.
As you suggested, it is understandable that data generation stops at the 
original resolution. Is there any option which helps in creating the 
required data by interpolation, in case we require a higher image 



Christoph Ehrler wrote:

>Hi Om,
>just a simple answer and some more questions because I'm not one of
>the VirtualPlanetBuilder/osgDEM coders.
>The topmost LOD is the one with the worst resolution (only one tile).
>The deepest LOD is the one with the best resolution.
>When osgDEM arrives at the resolution of the original data it stops
>since doing more levels of detail is ridiculous.
>One question for me is how big is LOD 1 ???
>A tile of size 512x512 pixel ??
>Is it possible to reduce the LOD count while preserving that the
>highest LOD is the original resolution??? Meaning, I want to reach my
>original resolution no matter what I definet as LOD count.
>On 10/18/07, om <omkaranathan at darshan3d.com> wrote:
>>I tried to generate paged LOD database using osgdem (Using texture map
>>and .dem file as input).
>>The application is unable to generate the LOD database in case of high
>>no of levels(I tried with a level 9 input but only 6 levels were created).
>>Application quits after generating these levels without any warning or
>>error message.
>>Is there any dependency between the image resolution and no of levels?
>>Or is it because of some other reasons?
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