[osg-users] EyePoint from CullVisitor

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 01:56:47 PDT 2007

Hi Jeff,

Is there a reason for using 1.0?  2.2 is better alround, and it far
easier for us to support your usage of as 1.0 is almost 2 years past.

As for your particular problem, wanting the eye point in world
coordinates can be derived from the CullVisitor's current
ModelViewMatrix * Inverse(ViewMatrix).

Also please note that the multiplication order in the OSG is:

  v' = v * M;


On 10/17/07, Jeffrey M Short <jshort8 at csc.com> wrote:
> Hello
> First off I'm using OSG 1.0.
> I am deriving a class from osg::Drawable::CullCallback.  I'm overloading
> the cull function [virtual bool cull(osg::NodeVisitor* nv, osg::Drawable*
> drawable, osg::State*) const].  I am trying to get the eye location in
> World Coordinates.  It seems as though CullVisitor::getEyePoint() returns
> the eye location in Local Coords.  I've tried tried multiplying by
> osg::computeLocalToWorld(nv->getNodePath()) and
> osg::computeWorldToLocal(nv->getNodePath()), but I've had no success.
> In some cases, I already know that my drawable has one MatrixTransform
> above it so I calculate the following:
> osg::Matrixd::inverse(xfrom->getMatrix()) * osg::Vec4d(nv->getEyePoint(),
> 1).  This works.  But it won't work for cases when there's more than 1
> Transfrom on the nodepath.  That's why I was trying
> osg::computeLocalToWorld.  The best thing would be to get the eye point in
> world coordinates directly without having to calculate it repeatedly from
> local coordinates in each drawable's CullCallback.  Any suggestions?
> Also I want to reply to some response made to other questions I have
> submitted.  How do I do that?
> Thank you,
>      Jeff
> Computer Sciences Corporation
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