[osg-users] OpenFlt file causing crash in optimizer

Mark Hurry mark at dwork.com
Wed Oct 17 21:00:32 PDT 2007

Hi Robert/Paul


In answer to various questions 


Yes osgviewer flight1_0.flt (see attachment) causes the crash.  The file is
only 6 polygons. If I reduce the number of polys or change the structure,
then the results become unpredicatble, sometimes working other times not. It
seems to be the last polygon in the model – f801 that seems to cause the


I went through the stages suggested by Paul


1)       specifying the preserveFace=1 allowed the file to load successfully

2)       I saved the file as a .osg

3)       I loaded the file flight1_0.osg and it loaded successfully


So I assume from Paul’s comments that the best place to look for a problem
would be in the FLT loader?







>> > Not sure why this would cause a merge geometry optimization to 

>> > crash, but maybe you've got some ideas on that?


>> No ideas I'm afraid.


>It'd also be interesting to see if the following fails:

>1. Load the FLT file, but specify the "preserveFace" option, which causes
the FLT loader to not run the Optimizer. App now has an unoptimized scene

>2. Write this scene graph out as an .osg file.

>3. Load the .osg file into osgviewer, which will run the Optimizer.


>If this fails, it leaves OpenFlight and the FLT loader completely out of
the picture.


>Paul Martz

>Skew Matrix Software LLC

>HYPERLINK "http://www.skew-matrix.com/"http://www.skew-matrix.com

>303 859 9466



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