[osg-users] OpenFlt file causing crash in optimizer

Mark Hurry mark at dwork.com
Wed Oct 17 06:35:16 PDT 2007

Hi Robert,


Not sure what you mean by directly. I have set it up as command line
argument in VS2005. I have also tried osgviewerMFC with the same results. 


I have reduced the OpenFlight model down to about 6 polys that still
produces the same crash, so what’s the best way of making it available to


I’ll carry on investiagting more to see if I can narrow the problem down as
this is a show stopper for me






>Hi Mark,
>I don't know of any hacks you could apply to fix this, in the end one
>will have to track down the bug be it in osgUtil::Optimizer or the
>OpenFlight plugin.
>Does osgviewer crash if you load the OpenFlight file directly?  Would
>it be possible to make a model that reproduces the crash available so
>the community can assist in tracking down the bug?
>On 10/17/07, Mark Hurry <HYPERLINK
ark at dwork.com> wrote:
>> I have been trying to load an OpenFlight file created using TerraVista
>> osgViewer. However I have been getting a crash in the optimizer code in
>> Optimizer::MergeGeodesVisitor::mergeGeodes at line
>> geodeDuplicateMap[geode].push_back(geode); I finally
>> managed to track down that in the OpenFlight format polygon attributes
>> is a flag for "Hidden polygon". If this flag is set it causes a crash, if
>> is not set then the model loads.
>> Is this a known problem? And if so is there a work around? Obviously it
>> not feasable to go into each OpenFlight file and manually check each
>> to see if the "Hidden polygon" flag has been set.
>> Thanks in advance
>> Mark


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