[osg-users] under devcpp , can't find dll to run program

Alberto Luaces aluaces at udc.es
Wed Oct 17 04:09:32 PDT 2007


El Wednesday 17 October 2007 12:06:18 王韬 escribió:
>     I have compiled osg without example under devcpp(
> successfully,and get all dlls.(I downloaded the plugin's dlls and changed
> them to .a)

You shouldn't have to rename any dll. Mingw gcc, the compiler that devcpp 
uses, is usually clever enough to link to a dll. In fact, a ".a" lib is in 
the mingw world either a static library or an import library, but never a 
dynamic library.

> but,i compiled the osgtext example and when run it, error 
> popped that it can't find freetype6.dll (why need it?), but
> libosgdb_freetype.dll (all dlls) is in the same folder.

You need freetype6.dll because libosgdb_freetype.dll is a plugin that deals 
with the Freetype integration into OSG, so the Freetype functionality is 
still found on its own dll. Make sure freetype6.dll is in your PATH or copy 
it beside libosgdb_freetype.dll.


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