[osg-users] Rendering to a texture only

Williams Steven-ASW036 Steve.Williams at Motorola.com
Tue Oct 16 12:03:00 PDT 2007

Is pBuffers the only solve or can I use my current FBO code?

I currently have an FBO camera & texture running as per the osgViewer
example, but I'm using the viewer to kick off rendering. Ideally I want
the non-existant "rootnode->render()" then use the image attached to my
FBO camera and remove viewer completely.


>Hi Steve,

>You can create a Pbuffer graphics context and then render to this,
complete off screen.  The osgconv example >has some code in it where
it'll create a pbuffer just to do off screen work.
>On 10/15/07, Williams Steven-ASW036 <Steve.Williams at motorola.com>
>> I'd like to render to a texture only, not to the screen. The computer

>> (PC or
>> unix) may not have a graphics card. Is this possible with OSG, or
>> OpenGL in general?
>> - If so, how do I render once my scene and texture camera is setup, 
>> assuming I cannot use viewer's setSceneData/realize/frame calls?
>> - If not, and I plug a graphics card in, can I render to multiple 
>> textures at the same time, one per user thread? i.e. is the library
thread safe?
>> thanks for the help

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