[osg-users] osg & gui solved!

Mike Weiblen mweiblen at zebraimaging.com
Fri Oct 12 08:31:43 PDT 2007

Correct, for performance reasons OSG does not save/restore the GL state
across GL calls.  There is simply too much state to do that efficiently
(without the deeper knowledge encapsulated in the non-OSG GL code)

Instead, OSG keeps track of the state as OSG changes it.  If you change
that state without OSG's knowledge, you either have to restore the state
(as you have done), or have your GL code set the OSG dirty flags of the
state you've modified, so OSG knows what to restore.  The latter is
preferred, which is why OSG does not have the begin/endExternalDraw

-- mew

Mike Weiblen -- Zebra Imaging -- Austin Texas USA --

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> I fixed the problem I was having embedding an osgViewer in a gui.  osg
> apparently does not save and restore the OpenGL context when it does
> drawing, but rather assumes it is in its default state.  It does
> the state to the default except that (as far as I could tell) the
> matrices are not restored to the default.  I added a
> and endExternalDraw() to bracket the call to osgViewer::frame() which
> fixes things.
> Gerald
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